More Than Curious
the audiobook (beta)


The complete book is in 7 files, each containing 10 chapters. In many browsers and devices, clicking on a file link below will play it. If you want to play it on a different audiobook player or device, you'll need to download the files, e.g., right-click and "Save link as..."

MoreThanCuriousPart1.m4a  (57 MB, Preface + Chapters 1-10)
MoreThanCuriousPart2.m4a  (64 MB, Chapters 11-20)
MoreThanCuriousPart3.m4a  (76 MB, Chapters 21-30)
MoreThanCuriousPart4.m4a  (68 MB, Chapters 31-40)
MoreThanCuriousPart5.m4a  (103 MB, Chapters 41-50)
MoreThanCuriousPart6.m4a  (90 MB, Chapters 51-60)
MoreThanCuriousPart7.m4a  (76 MB, Chapters 61-70)

Most audiobook players can handle M4A files like this if you figure out where to move them to. Google for instructions for your particular player, for example "import M4A files into iTunes".


This is a beta release only. This audiobook is read by OpenAI's GPT-4 in its voice "Echo". Its understanding of the text is pretty good, but occasionally it gets it wrong. There are also some mispronounced names, proper nouns, and other words. Should you happen to make a list of these, please send to Most can probably be fixed in a future release.


The files contain chapter marks, which may be recognized by your audiobook player. However the locations jumped to are not exact. Usually they are a minute or so before the actual chapter beginning.


A different version of the audiobook is available for $3.99 from Google Play Books here. Once purchased, the book can be played on the Google Play app on both Android and iPhone (see instructions.) The reader is Google's AI voice "Matt". Matt is a decent AI reader, but his understanding of the text, hence phrasing, seems not as good as OpenAI's Echo (above).